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How to be Successful with a Franchise

Being successful in any business endeavor requires some common elements such as hard work, adequate capital, the right team, etc.  Being successful with a franchise will require a few specific characteristics as well: Successful franchises are business owners who do well following directions.  Franchise systems are built on the premise that the franchisor has perfected the business model and documented the model within the operating manual and training program.  Franchisees … Continue reading

Pizza Franchise Statistics

Just how big is the pizza business? We’re glad you asked. The retail pizza market is huge and franchises generate more sales per store than independent pizza stores! Here are some statistics we have complied from pizza industry resources: • Retail pizza sales in the US top $30 Billion annually • There are over 65,000 pizza stores nationally • More than 90% of all Americans eat pizza each month • … Continue reading

Should I convert my restaurant to a pizza franchise?

The sales in my restaurant have been slumping.  I’m considering converting my restaurant into a pizza franchise; what do I need to know? Converting to a franchise will take some time. Beyond the simple matters of investigating the franchise and handling paperwork should you proceed, a pizza franchise conversion can be a time intensive process.  Often there will be some remodeling or renovations required as a part of the conversion that will … Continue reading