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Four Things That Pizza Franchise Salespeople Won’t Tell You!

 Starting a pizza franchise will require long hours. Pizza franchises prep for the day’s business during the morning and afternoon hours.  Weekends, lunchtime, dinnertime, and evening hours are prime sales times, which means you’ll be making pizza during those times!  Most people understand all of this, what often comes as a surprise is all of the other tasks that need to happen:  hiring employees, banking, accounting, direct marketing, and more … Continue reading

Pizza Franchise Support – What should it look like?

I’m considering buying a pizza franchise.  What kind of support should I expect of the franchisor? Great question!  The franchise agreement will spell out the specific obligations of the franchisor in a section titled “Franchisor Obligations” or “Franchisor Duties”.  These details are helpful, as they are what the franchisor is legally obligated to do to help you, but what you really want to know is what is the culture of … Continue reading