Four Things That Pizza Franchise Salespeople Won’t Tell You!

 Starting a pizza franchise will require long hours.

Pizza franchises prep for the day’s business during the morning and afternoon hours.  Weekends, lunchtime, dinnertime, and evening hours are prime sales times, which means you’ll be making pizza during those times!  Most people understand all of this, what often comes as a surprise is all of the other tasks that need to happen:  hiring employees, banking, accounting, direct marketing, and more all need to fit into your schedule as well.

 Starting a pizza franchise doesn’t need to cost $100,000+

There are dozens of ways to lower your entry cost into a new pizza franchise.  If you find a concept that you’re committed to working with, and you are a qualified operator, there should be a variety of financing and conversion options available to make your new venture affordable.

 Pizza franchise agreements are written in a very one-sided manner.

You deserve to have the whole disclosure document and franchise agreement well explained to you.  Some of the details may even be negotiable!  Franchise salespeople don’t like to talk about negotiating these contracts but certain terms can be up for discussion under the right circumstances.  Don’t expect to get a lower franchise fee or royalty rate, but as an example; if you’re opening a location in a new market you should be able to negotiate concessions on the national advertising fund.

 Pizza franchise brand names will only get you so far, you are responsible for your own success.

You thought that buying a franchise was a sure-fire way to be successful?  Buying a franchise can certainly help curb the risks of a new business by receiving support and training but the success or failure of your new endeavor is entirely up to you!  Ask pizza franchise salespeople about the success rates of their brand and then ask them WHY franchisees succeed.  You’ll learn a lot!


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