Frying Pizza vs. Baking Pizza

Did you know that some national pizza chains don’t actually bake their pizza, but instead “fry” it?  This probably sounds a bit confusing so let us explain…

Pizza businesses can use several different types of ovens.  There are three main types of ovens that are commonly used:

1.  Conveyor Ovens – these ovens are some of the most common used in pizza shops today.

Conveyor ovens are typically the fastest oven available and as such these ovens can be the most efficient in terms of total throughput and delivery times.  The high heat and fast cooking time of a conveyor oven causes the end product to be literally FRIED as opposed to BAKED.

2.  Deck Ovens – these ovens offer a BAKED end product but  require manual operation to move the pizza inside the oven because the oven can have warm and cool spots.  Most pizzas leaving a deck oven are BAKED properly but there are better ovens yet!

3.  Rotary Baking Ovens – these ovens are the same ovens used in large commercial bakers to bake bread, pastries, and other dough-based products that need to rise.  These ovens rotate the pizza through the oven on a carousel so that every part of the pizza is evenly exposed to heat.  These ovens allow dough to rise properly and achieve a nice ‘baked’ crust.  Rotary BAKING ovens are the only ovens that Teresa’s Pizza uses!


Next time you order a pizza take a look beyond the counter to see what oven the pizza shop uses to cook their pizza.  You’ll be surprised how many pizza shops FRY their pizza instead of BAKE it!  Here at Teresa’s Pizza we have used Rotary Baking Ovens since day one and we always will!  Contact us to learn more about the quality difference in our pizzas!

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