Innovative Pizza Franchises

Innovation is all around us; new technology trends, new forms of media, new car models each year, new everything.  When shopping for a pizza franchise there are some signs of innovation as well.  Being on the cutting edge isn’t always right for everyone but being behind the times is typically not a good place to be!

Here are some signs of innovation within pizza franchise chains.  Look for franchisors that are doing these innovative things to lead the market:

Retail Product Development – Many growing chains are taking products to retail.  Pizza franchises with products available in retail stores benefit from greater brand recognition and marketplace dominance.

Online Ordering – There isn’t much that you can’t order online these days.  If you’re considering a franchise opportunity that doesn’t offer online ordering keep looking. Even pizza franchise media sources are taking note of this online trend! ( )

Integrated Marketing – Today a brand’s message needs to be consistent and strong along all media lines: print, mass media, social media, etc, etc.  Analyze the brand you’re considering and ask yourself if you really feel that the pizza franchise brand is strong enough to thrive in today’s market.

Innovation isn’t the be-all end-all of a franchise purchase but be sure to consider these factors carefully.

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