Pizza Franchise Food Costs

Many aspiring pizza franchise owners often wonder what the food cost percentages are for a pizza franchise. It is important to understand a pizza franchise food cost percentage so that you can accurately price your menu and budget for growth. Here are some questions you should ask your self regarding pizza franchise food costs. Are you buying food from national brands or from the franchisor directly? Some pizza franchises buy … Continue reading

How much money can I make opening a pizza shop?

Many aspiring pizza shop entrepreneurs have asked the question before.  So just exactly how much money can I make opening a pizza shop?  The question is, unfortunately, not so easy to answer but the steps below should help. When calculating how much money you can make opening a pizza shop follow these steps: 1)     Build your sales projection. What will your weekly sales be?  What will your annual sales be?  … Continue reading

Pros and Cons of Pizza Franchises

As with all business decisions, there are Pros and Cons associated with pizza franchises.  Many entrepreneurs are faced with the decision of choosing between investing in a pizza franchise or starting their own independent pizza shop.  Let’s analyze the Pros and Cons of Pizza Franchises and see what we come up with: Pizza Franchise Pros Operations and Training – Franchise systems give new pizza store operators extensive operational support and … Continue reading

Frying Pizza vs. Baking Pizza

Did you know that some national pizza chains don’t actually bake their pizza, but instead “fry” it?  This probably sounds a bit confusing so let us explain… Pizza businesses can use several different types of ovens.  There are three main types of ovens that are commonly used: 1.  Conveyor Ovens – these ovens are some of the most common used in pizza shops today. Conveyor ovens are typically the fastest oven … Continue reading

The Best Reasons to Buy a Pizza Franchise!

Each year, franchise industry publications and restaurant industry research organizations publish reports on the pizza industry. Each year the research consistently points to the strengths of franchised pizza chains compared to ‘mom and pop’ pizza shops. From the findings in the reports the four best reasons to buy a pizza franchise are: Franchised pizza outlets sell more! The numbers don’t lie. The retail pizza industry has annual sales of $30B. … Continue reading