Pizza Franchise Opportunities

Pizza Franchise Opportunities

I’m exploring some pizza franchise opportunities and have come across several options to get started.  Should I look into starting up a new store, purchasing an existing franchise location, or converting an existing pizza business into a franchise?

Which option makes the most sense for my first business venture?


Let’s look at the Pros and Cons of each:

New Store Startup

Pros Cons
You get to pick your location and customize the build out of your store. Many of the start-up expenses are hard to recoup.
New locations can generate a lot of attention. Store construction can take 3-6 months.

New store startups are how most of our franchisees get into business.  We help them find a location, negotiate a lease with a real estate broker, finance the build out of the store, and successfully open their new business.  This is probably the most exciting way to get into business.


Existing Location Purchase

Pros Cons
Known revenue and cash flow. Most expensive way to start up if the location is already successful.
Existing Customer Base.  

Over the years we have helped our franchisees transition their businesses to new owners.  It has been satisfying to see some franchisees successfully exit the industry and watch as a new owner makes an existing location their own.


Existing Pizza Store Conversion

Pros Cons
Typically the least expensive option. Building up sales under a new name takes time.
Existing Customer Base. Many conversion opportunities will still require an investment in new equipment or remodeling.

We have helped several entrepreneurs open Teresa’s Pizza franchises at a very low cost by converting an existing pizza shop into a Teresa’s franchise.  This process has always had unique challenges but it overs a very affordable investment level for first time owners who want to invest ‘sweat equity’ and actively manage their store.


Which option makes the most sense to you?

At Teresa’s Pizza we have helped entrepreneurs start their first pizza franchise in each of the methods discussed above.  Contact us today to learn more about pizza franchise opportunities and how we can help you start a business!

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